While your child is starting school...

While your child starts school today, we are thinking of a sweet girl who would have been starting 1st grade.  Ava loved school!  She would come home each day wilth her assignments and crafts and tell me all the fun things she got to do each day.  One of her favorite things about school was picking out her outfits for the week.  She really was such a  fashionista!  She had to wear a dress every.singe.day. and a pretty bow.  

Ava and her friend Chloe. 

She had a special friendship with two of her classmates, a little girl and little boy.  It was so sweet how she would talk about her friends so much and i can imagine all the classroom fun they had!  

The first day of school is a very exciting and sometimes nerve wracking time.  We would love for Ava to be experiencing her first day.  Of course this is sombering for us.  We miss Ava so much and know that there will be many "should of" milestones that we must face without her.  Take the time today to think about how lucky you are that your child is growing and you get to experience firsts with them.  You know we would give anything to do that.   

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  1. Stella says:

    I was definitely thinking about you all weekend as I got the last of Isabelle's school supplies, helped her lay out her clothes last night, and pack her lunch too. I know today was a really hard day for you, and I am so happy to see you blogging about it, and talking about it instead of holding it in. I'm so proud of you, and I'm so thankful for Ava watching over all of us today, and everyday. Thank you for sharing another picture with her radiant smile. I sure have missed seeing it. <3

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