Birthdays in Heaven

Ava loved birthdays.  Her social calendar seemed to be filled with lots of parties and she learned fast that birthdays meant presents and cake.  She loved being the "special helper" and give her friends all their presents to open.  She was always so interested in what they got and how neat their new toys were.  I think her favorite part of the party was watching them open her gift.  Her face would light up as they opened it and she would tell them all about their presentWhen her friends would have a birthday she was always very specific in what to give them and she could not be talked out of what she had set her mind on for their gift.  I enjoyed watching her pick gifts for others!  It was fun to see what she would choose.     

Now if she loved other people's birthdays so much imagnie how she felt about her own!  I think her favorite birthday was last year when she turned 5.  We had been in Arizona for a few months and it just so happened that her break from treatment would fall on her birthday.  We came back home to Texas and threw her a huge, and I mean HUGE party!!  It was the first time we could invite everyone she knew and she was the star that day.  

My favorite birthday was much more low key.  Ava was turning 3 and I was pregnant with her sister (they had the same due date!).  We started to think about what to do for her birthday.  My due date was a week before her actual birthday and we didn't want to deal with the stress of a party during an unpredictable time.  It turned out Myla was born exactly one week before Ava's birthday so just the four of us celebrated with her.  We took her to a restaurant (her pick) and let her order anything on the desert menu.  She got a "loaded" cookie.  It must have been the size of her head and covered in ice cream and chocolate sauce.  The look on her face was priceless!!  She was so happy to get such a yummy treat all to herself.  

I look back on these memories with happiness but I am so sad that we don't get to celebrate anymore birthdays with Ava.  Today she would of been six years old.  We are planning to have crab (one of her favorites) and cake, something we would do if she was here.  Also, at sunset we will be releasing paper lanterns just like they do in Tangled.  We think she would of liked that and I hope she can see them in heaven.  

Not being able to celebrate Ava's birthday with her is very difficult.  It has completely changed my view on birthdays.  I used to get a little sad that my *babies* were growing older with each birthday but now it really is a celebration.  I know how fleeting life can be.  I never would of thought Ava would only get to have 5 birthdays here on earth.  I can only imagine the party she is having in heaven today.  



6 Responses to “Birthdays in Heaven”
  1. Cecily R says:

    I have no doubt she's watching over you today (and everyday). XO

  2. bean says:

    Happy birthday. We sent you some balloons.
    Aunt Bean,Uncle Jay, Em and Hay

  3. Stella says:

    Oh my GOSH! That one of her down the slide just made me laugh out loud SO HARD!! Can you imagine the castles in the clouds she is currently partying at today? Happy Birthday Ava the Awesome, and I will hug you for reals one day. <3

  4. Morgan says:

    Aww, I miss that girl. I think she will love the paper lanterns ♥ I'm thinking of you guys all today.

  5. Theresa says:

    Oh, wow, Cynthia! I just came across your blog on your page. She is so blessed to have a Mom like you. The picture of her coming down the slide is priceless! Now I wish I had a passion for photography so I could capture every moment.

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