Left Behind

Myla doesn't understand.  She knows her sister is gone.  Taken without any warning to her.  She tells us everyday how much she misses her "sissy" and asks if we miss her too.  It isn't fair that Myla doesn't get to have her big sister anymore or that she may not even remember her.  The photos and videos we have of the two of them may be all she has as she gets older.  

I have put off finishing our 2012 photo album.  At first because I didn't have the photos printed.  Then I needed to find the perfect album.  Then I didn't want to sort all the photos.  I knew I didn't want to do it because there will never be another year of pictures I get to see Ava's beautiful smile or those big blue eyesBut I had to do it for Myla.  She kept sitting at the computer watching the screen saver of Ava's pictures.  Her only way of seeing her.  I spent last Saturday putting each photo of Ava from the last year into the album.  It was hard but therapeutic at the same time.  I'm glad Myla now has a book full of memories. 


5 Responses to “Left Behind”
  1. I just love you so much Cynthia, <3

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh Cynthia, I pray for Myla every, single day. I know it hasn't been easy for any of you, but as adults, you have better coping mechanisms in place. It breaks my heart to know that Myla won't fully understand why "sissy" is gone until she is much older. It's absolutely no fair.

    Sending many, many healing thoughts your way. <3

  3. pengma says:

    If she keeps looking at the book and videos and with all the pics around the house she might always remember her sissy.

  4. Love you and your beautiful family. <3 I'm glad the photos give Myla comfort. Hugs.

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