Wishes Can Come True

Ava loved Disney World so much!  Such a fun, magical place where she could be a princess, go on rides and meet her favorite characters.  Since her make a wish trip in March she kept saying how she wanted to go back.  Thanks to Wish Upon a Hero and her hospice team, we were able to take her. 

Ava wasn't feel well during this trip.  It was the beginning of her little body starting to shut down.  We didn't know that and looking back it makes sense how tired she was and how she hardly ate.  She didn't want to go on rides like last time but she did love meeting all the princesses.  We got to have lunch at Cinderella's castle and I think that was the highlight of her trip.  They announced each princess and Ava's face was so full of excitement! 

We also got a chance to meet the singer LeAnn Rimes.  She works with Wish Upon a Hero and helped us wish Ava's wish. They colored a picture and Ava sang to her! It was great!  

We are very happy to have had the chance to take this trip with Ava.  It was a wonderful way to spend her last days with us.    

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  1. The Jobes says:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures! I just watched Little Women, and was thinking of Ava when the family lost their Beth! I pray that your heart would continue to strengthen as the days pass, and that the memory of Ava's love and passion would withstand the test of time for Myla! In Christ Alone!

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