A picture is worth a thousand memories

I love pictures.  I love to take them and to edit them and share them.  There is something about a gorgeous photo that stops me in my tracks.  A really beautiful photo has the ability to transport you and your emotions.  I don't think I understand that more than I do now.  

I look back at photos of Ava and I want to cry and laugh at the same time.  Cry because most of them were taken at a time of pure innocence.  No tumor in her brain.  No threat of her leaving us.  Just a happy, healthy child growing and playing.  

Photos now mean something else.  They aren't to capture how she is growing or what she looked like when she was five.  They are to capture her in case she has to leave us.  They are so we can remember every detail of her smile and every light in her eyes.  Someday photographs may be all we have left.  

Every single photo that has been taken of Ava over these last ten months has meant the world to me.  Our family has been lucky enough to have some wonderful photographers capture Ava's spirit in ways we will treasure forever.  

Some families going through this same situation need help in connecting with photographers that can give them the greatest gift, memories of their fighters.  That is why I'm sharing The Gold Hope Project.  Their mission is bring awareness to childhood cancer through photography and along the way families get those precious memories that will last a lifetime.  If you know of a photographer or fighter that would like to apply to be a part of the project, please share it with them! 

Ava's glitter photo shoot was the first one from the project and we are honored she is the ambassador for TGHP.  Please spread the word about this wonderful charity that means so much to us! 

To see all of Ava's glitter photos, click here.

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  1. The concept that a child so young is facing this, you are faced with possibly loosing your child makes me feel so horribly for you and your precious daughter! Many prayers!

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