Get Your Ava Gear!

"Hope for Ava" bracelets are now available!  The proceeds from these bracelets will go directly to the Dawson family and help Ava receive a Disney vacation of her dreams! 

To order, click here. 

If you would like to make a donation without ordering, click here.

3 Responses to “Get Your Ava Gear!”
  1. The Jobes says:

    Ava- I got your bracelet in the mail today, and it is the perfect accessory to my everyday thoughts and prayers for you! I love it, and will wear it proudly, spreading HOPE for you through every glance! Did you know that even more people follow you than the 1400 on Facebook? That's more than 1400 prayers to God for you EVERYDAY! We all love you, even without ever meeting you! NEGU!

  2. aunt Bean says:

    We got her braces off today but they're awesome.... We love you more
    Aunt Bean

  3. aunt Bean says:

    Bracelets today.... What my fingers do when I don't reread

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