Fighting DIPG- You Can Help Save Lives

It's September.  Fall is coming, kids are back in school and for us in Texas hopefully some cooler weather but it's also Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  I will admit that before Ava's diagnosis I didn't even know there was a gold ribbon.  But I do now and we need to spread the word!  

Cancer in children acts much different than cancers in adults but kids are treated like a smaller version of their grown up counterparts.  Why?  Because there is not enough research and very few drugs that were formulated specifically for children.  This gives them poorer outcomes and more lifelong side effects.   

Childhood Cancer can not be prevented and it's a mystery why some kids get cancer and others don't.  Everyday, 36 US children and families are thrust into this world and 7 children die from cancer.  It isn't as rare as you might think.  In fact it is the 2nd killer of children.  Car accidents are number one. 

What can you do?  
 Each of you reading this has the potential to help children like Ava.  
  • Share- Share this blog post, pictures, awareness postersfacts, etc.  
  • Inform yourself and others- Know the facts and where money for research goes. For example, the National Cancer Institute's federal budget last year was 4.6 billion dollars but only 3% of that budget went to fund research on ALL 12 major types of pediatric cancer.  This leaves it up to private donors and non profits to pick up the slack.  Do you think that's okay?  I sure don't!
  • Organize- Organize a charity walk, lemonade stand, bake sale or pay a $1 to wear pjs to work or school this month all in honor of a pediatric cancer organization (I've listed my favorites at the bottom).   
  • Act- Sign the petition at The Truth 365 to increase federal funding for childhood cancer.  Register to be a bone marrow donor at Be the Match.  I recently did this and it would be such a blessing to help cure a child of cancer! 

I'm urging you to find something you can do 
this month to help the gold ribbon 
become as well known as the pink or red.  
Our children need us! 

These organizations are funding ground breaking pediatric research or are close to my heart.  They each have ideas on their website how you can help spread the word and support children like Ava.    

The Cure Starts Now- founded in memory of Elena who had DIPG.  They focus on pediatric brain cancer research.  
Jessie Rees Foundation- Founded by Jessie.  A DIPG angel whose motto of Never Ever Give Up is being spread by Joy Jars, special gifts to pediatric cancer patients. 
People Against Childhood Cancer- They are on an awareness campaign.  It was eye opening to see their graph showing how The American Cancer Society spends their donations.  1 penny for every dollar goes toward pediatric cancer research.  

St. Baldricks Foundation- A challenge between friends to shave their heads and raise money for children's cancer started this foundation that raises more money for children than any other organization.  
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation- Founded by Alex, a little girl with neroblastoma, they are on a mission to cure all childhood cancers. 
Rally for a Cure- They are raising awareness and funds for cancer research and better treatments for pediatric cancer.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mark Kieran, MD, PhD affiliated with Dana Farber and Boston Children's Hospital is actively working on DIPG trials. I am not sure your beautiful Ava is eligible, but wanted to pass that on.
    Also look at:

    There are no words to describe what you must be going through. Ava and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    with peace and prayers for a cure,
    from a brain tumor researcher

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