Living with DIPG- Picture Share!

Ava LOVES making her own lunch.  Her specialty is peanut butter and honey sandwich without crust. 

4 Responses to “Living with DIPG- Picture Share!”
  1. Emily says:

    You're quite the chef Miss Ava! Have a wonderful day today. Love & Prayers from AZ...

  2. Anonymous says:

    Adorable you are so precious my prayers for you Pearisburg Virginia

  3. Good job Miss Ava. Tell your Mommy to let you make a milkshake, just don't forget the lid!

  4. Miss Rose says:

    Mmmmmm...YUMMY! My favorite. Especially with no crust. :). Sometimes I like a little bit of banana on it, too. Love and hugs from Miss Rose in Bakersfield CA

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