Living with DIPG- Ch-ch-changes

Just wanted to share this photo of Ava and Myla having a tickle fight.  They have the most fun together! 
Wow, it has been two weeks since I updated the blog.  We have been so busy packing up our apartment in Arizona, driving to Texas and unpacking here the time has gone so fast!  

Ava has been doing wonderfully.  Since we got home she is determined to move and play!  This makes us so happy since a few weeks ago she was basically paralyzed and could not walk.  She now is able to move around the house holding onto walls and the furniture.  She loves playing with her barbie dream house and all the other toys that we couldn't take with us to Arizona.  Myla and her have been having so much fun discovering all their toys again.  

We are so thankful for everyday we have together as a family and I want to thank each of you who has made this transition easier for us.  We are so blessed to have you helping us right now!  


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  1. Aunt Bean says:

    You girls are looking good. Has to be nice being HOME again... Loads of Love.... We have to get on Skype soon...
    Love Aunt Bean

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