Fighting DIPG- Special prayer

Ava will be having surgery on Monday morning to remove the other spot on her brain.  The surgeon has said this is a non invasive procedure since the spot is attached to the dura (the outer layer of the brain) and they shouldn't have to actually go into the brain.  

We ask that you pray for Ava.  Please pray that there aren't any complications and she makes a quick recovery.  We also ask that you pray the spot is confirmed NOT to be progression of the tumor in her pons.  

We thank you so much for taking the time to pray and think about Ava on this big day for her and us!

If you would like to make a donation to the Dawson Family click here.   

10 Responses to “Fighting DIPG- Special prayer”
  1. Steph Kuiper says:

    Prayers on their way!

  2. Sending prayers your way!

  3. Prayers for sweet Ava and the family!

  4. Brittany Refden says:

    Praying always for Ava and the Dawson Family!

  5. Danielle Smith says:

    Prayers and positive thoughts for your family!

  6. eva Linver says:

    Ava and Family
    We will being praying for you and thinking of you as we always do..

    We Love you more
    Aunt Bean, Uncle Jay, Emily and Haley

  7. Melissa says:

    Prayers from The Spauldings and Herreras.

  8. Aunt Bean says:

    Ava and Family.. Good luck today We are praying and thinking about you.. We Love you More....

    Aunt Bean, Uncle Jay Emily and Haley

  9. Busha and Aunt Weezie says:

    Jeremy, Cindy, Ava and Myla,
    We lite candles this morning, and Praying and thinking of you today...
    Love you
    Busha and Aunt Weezie

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