Fighting DIPG- No Chemo!

This week was supposed to start Cycle 3 but on Monday when we got Ava's counts they were too low for her to have chemo.  So instead she's been enjoying a week without any treatment.  She is feeling well but unfortunately she is starting to look "sick" now.  Her hair probably won't last another week and she has a really bad rash along with dry skin.  This is all due to the chemo.  I'm not sure how we will deal with this part because she is not happy about more of her hair falling out and it breaks my heart that it will soon be obvious she has cancer.  I guess I'm just worried about how other kids will react to her.  She is so sensitive and I would hate for her feelings to get hurt. 

Please continue to pray for Ava! 


3 Responses to “Fighting DIPG- No Chemo!”
  1. Melissa says:

    She's in my prayers!!!

  2. pengma says:

    tell her she was bald and beautiful when she was born

  3. micheflet says:

    Just remember that it is all temporary - her WILL grow back and she WILL feel better when the chemo ends. Since we are going into summer, people will be staying indoors more, sort like winter. Everyone slows down or leaves town for a cooler place. I even liked having less hair in the heat, it was definitely cooler.

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