Meet Ava- A DIPG Fighter

 Hi!  I'm Ava and I'm 5 years old.  I love pink, dresses, barbies and all things girly.  I love to laugh and giggle and hear I'm pretty silly.  I love playing with my sister, Myla, even if she copies everything I do!  Painting and coloring are some of my favorite things, along with watching Dora the Explorer. :D    

I have a brain tumor (Diffused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma).  Since this kind of tumor is so rare, my mommy and daddy had me in a clinical trial in Phoenix.  I had to be removed from it though when they found new tumors in my spine and on my dura in my brain. I can't walk anymore but I'm still smiling and laughing!  

*Ava passed away in November from her cancer.*

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