Fighting DIPG- Didn't make counts again...

We were really hoping after Ava didn't make counts last week that this week her counts would be up.  They weren't down by much last week so we thought they would just come right back up, unfortunately we were wrong.  They went down even more.  Her body just needs more time to rest.  Most likely her dose of chemotherapy will be decreased to follow protocol with the study.  She was really disappointed too about not receiving her treatment today.  But on the bright side we have another week for her to relax.  

We would really appreciate your prayer this week that her ANC is above 1,000.  That is the magic number!  


3 Responses to “Fighting DIPG- Didn't make counts again...”
  1. Praying hard for bigger numbers!

  2. Praying hard for bigger numbers!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Thank you Melissa!

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