Whew, What a Day!

Today was a very long day.  We were in the clinic from 9-3:30.  Ava is so tired! 

We got the results back from her MRI and it confirmed that the tumor has shrunk.  Dr. Etzl couldn't give us an exact percentage but said it was definitely noticeable on the scan.  This is typical after radiation and now we need to fight the regrowth.  Please keep praying for Ava.  It really helps us knowing you care. 

She started her Cexitumab and it seemed she was having a reaction to it.  The nurse said it could be because her immune system hasn't been exposed to it for so long.  They monitored her breathing and she was doing fine so they continued with the Irinotecan.  We were warned that this will cause bad diarrhea but so far Ava is okay. After getting home she complained of a headache.  Poor baby had so much chemo in her today it probably didn't feel so good. After some Tylenol she fell asleep.  Hopefully tomorrow goes easier for her.         

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