Fighting DIPG- Ava is grateful for...

Ava is starting a grateful journal.  We got it from the Children's Cancer Network and I really love hearing her answers.  Today was the first day we wrote in it. 

She is grateful for:
1. Mommy, Daddy, Myla, Mickey and Scooby. 
2. Her friends (Chloe, Maddy, Carmine and Talan got mentioned)
3. A rubber stamp she got today at the clinic.

There was also a part to write the good deeds she had done that day and she said sharing her toys with Myla and writing thank you cards. 

It will be fun to see her answers over the coming weeks and I'll be sure to share them with you. 

She had a really good week and we are hoping for a smooth time next week as well! 

Thank you for continuing to pray for Ava and us :)

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