Phase II

So the second phase of the clinical trial will start on Monday.  We've been asked a lot what happens during this part so I wanted to post it here to explain it. 

This part is 30 weeks long and it is broken down into 3 week cycles.  The first two weeks she receives Irinotecan Monday-Friday.  On every Monday she will also receive Cexitumab (the same drug she got during radiation) and Irinotecan.  The third week she will just receive the Cexitumab on Monday then be "off" the rest of the week.   

We are ready to start this phase and pray chemo everyday doesn't take too much out of her since she is doing so well right now.  She is such a ball full of energy and we have loved having her feel so well. 

Please pray that she continues to feel and stay better!      

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