Last Day!

Ava had her last day of radiation on Wednesday.  She was counting down and so excited about it!  The night before we always pick out her clothes for the next day and she wanted to wear her party dress (the one she HAD to have for her birthday) and we couldn't think of a better day to wear it! 

Ava and the doctors and nurse who saw her everyday during radiation.

It was kinda sad to say goodbye to the doctors and her nurse who had been there everyday for us during the last six weeks.  Ava already says she misses them.  She grew really close to Dr. Maze.  He called her bugsby and let her "help" with the medicine.  She actually got really good pushing the sleeping juice through her tubie. 

We are back home in Texas now and are getting ready to leave for Disney!  We are all so very excited for this trip!! 

Thank you for continuing to pray for Ava and helping us get through this.   

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