In the midst

We are in the midst of Ava's treatment and it seems easy and hard at the same time.  A routine really helps but going to appointments everyday is wearing us down.  We don't know how Ava is doing it.  She is in such great spirits.  Giggling and laughing and just being plain silly.  We've missed that so much.  She has 9 more days of radiation and then it will be her month off! 

So far, she isn't experiencing many side effects.  She has lost about half her hair on the bottom of her head but when she wears her hair down it's not noticeable.  Our friends have come to the rescue though and sent her some really cute hats.  She does have really puffy cheeks and belly from the steroids but that should go down soon as she is only taking 1mg a day.  And she has a little rash on her forehead from the chemo. 

We so appreciate all your continued support and prayers!!

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